The Billing Process

How will I be billed?

You will receive an e-mail notification for online viewing via MyRed. Students may call the Office of Student Accounts to request a printed bill be mailed; however, we strongly encourage students and their families to utilize MyRed and print their own bills in order to greatly reduce postage and printing costs.

Failure to receive a statement is not an acceptable excuse for not meeting a payment deadline. If a student is not able to view his/her statement by the first Wednesday of the month, but is expecting one, he/she should call the Student Accounts Office at 402-472-2887. If someone else is expected to pay a student's bills, the student should advise that person of these instructions.

The student, not the person or organization paying the bill, will be held responsible for delinquent payments.

How often is my bill updated?

The bill displayed on MyRed is not updated daily. It is a monthly statement. Once created, it does not change. A more current version of your student account is available on MyRed at "Detail of New Activity". It is updated as new transactions post to the account.

When will I be billed?

Consolidated statements will be generated before the end of each month. Statements will always be available by the 25th of the month.

When is my bill due?

Payment deadlines are always the 12th of the month regardless of whether the 12th is a business day, weekend day or holiday.

What happens if I cannot make my payment on time?

See Sanctions

I have a credit balance on my account. How do I receive payment for this balance?

When payment is made or financial aid is applied to a student account, it will appear as a credit on the next Consolidated Student Statement. If credits exceed charges, a refund will generally be issued to the student by check and will be posted on the next statement as a charge. The refund will be mailed to you unless you enroll for direct deposit of your check.

I have requested a printed bill. Where will it be mailed?

MyRed allows students to designate a billing address, which will be used for all consolidated statement mailings. If a billing address is not designated, local addresses will be used during the first and second semesters, and permanent addresses will be used in December and May-July.