Grant MyRed Access to Parent or Guest

We understand that a parent or guest may need to access your student account information through MyRED. You have the ability to grant this access to them directly. This allows your parent or guest to see the same information as you.

Step 1: Login to MyRed

Go to and login using your 8-digit NUID.

Step 2: Select the the Parent/Guest Access Link

Select the Parent/Guest Access link which is right next to the Logout link.

screenshot showing location of Parent Guest Access link which is next to the logout link

Step 3: Login to TrueYou

Use your 8-digit NUID to login to TrueYou.

screenshot showing where to login in TrueYou

Step 4: Guest Access

Select the Guest Access link found in the Account Settings area.

screenshot showing where the Guest Access link is located

Step 5: Add a New Parent/Guest Access Profile

Select the New button to create a new parent or guest access profile

screenshot showing where the Guest Access link is located

Step 6: Complete the Parent/Guest Profile

Fill in all the required details for the parent/guest profile. Once you have completed the form and select Save, a notification email regarding the successful account setup will be sent to the parent or guest. This email does not contain any account login information.

Please Note

It is your responsibility to communicate the account login details (Login ID & password) to your parent or guest.