Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we receive at Student Accounts. If you do not find the answers to your question/s, please use the form below or other contact methods to get hold of us.

Q. Where is my bill?
All bills can be found in MyRed. Students must grant Parent/Guest Access to MyRed before parents or guests can view the students bills. We do not generally mail out bills.
Q. What amount do I owe?
The amount due is listed on your most recent invoice in MyRED. Your invoice also provides descriptions of what makes up that balance due. View the location of this amount on our sample bill.
Q. Why would I have a bill every month?
Charges on a monthly bill can include various charges incurred since the last bill. e.g. parking citations, book purchases, NCard charges.
Q. How do I pay?
We accept the following payment methods:
  • online through MyRed and Cashnet
  • by mail
  • in-person
We do not take payments over the phone. Visit the Payment, Credits, & Refunds page for more information on payment options.
Q. What if I pay late or my payment doesn’t clear?
One or more of the following could happen to your account:
  • Holds (stop registration, transcript, diploma)
  • Late Fee
  • Returned Item fee
Q. What is financial aid?
Financial aid can include:
  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Waivers/Discounts
It may pay some or all of a student's balance due. View the Financial Aid website for more details.
Q. What does it cost to attend UNL
Q. Why do I receive refunds?
Refunds may occur due to the following:
  • Overpayment from Financial Aid
  • Overpayment from Personal Payments
Refunds will be direct deposited into your account. View Payments, Credits, & Refunds page for more information.
Q. What is a 1098T and How do I get one?
1098T is a tax document which identifies qualified educational expenses paid for the purpose of claiming Tuition and Fee deductions, American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning Credit when preparing federal income taxes. Forms are made available by January 31.View the forms page for more detailed information on 1098T form.
Q. What is FERPA and does it apply to me?
FERPA is the acronym for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Buckly Ammendment 1974). Also view the Board of Regents FERPA rules.
Let Us Know If You Still Have Questions
We will respond within a business day or two. If your questions are urgent, please call us at 402-472-2887.